I still remember the days when I thought I was fending off a zombie invasion. Cohen... that bitch... She tried to take over the world, and destroyed the majority of it to... England, Germany, Afghanistan, China, Japan, wiped out by the creatures she unleashed, creatures that made the zombies look like ponies. America is in a bigger state of ruin then ever... Economy destroyed, too many jobs to do, not enough people, we have to take responsibility for what we originally depended on other countries for. Keats' Firearms still had good business, other major companies, like Burger King, weren't so lucky. John Klamath... he gave out speeches... (Cuts to one of Klamath's speeches: "My fellow Americans! All the bickering and arguments made by our government is getting us nowhere! We need one man, who knows what he is doing, to get us back into shape! We must act now!") People listened to him... Don't think they could think of anything else to do... (Another speech: "As Supreme Ruler of the United States of America, I promise that I will do all I can to restore our country to it's former glory! As soon as my work is finished, and we are once again a strong nation, I will step down from power and restore the original government!") The bastard... it's been 7 years now, what has he done? We are no longer the United States of America, we are just one thing, America, Freedom of Speech? Gone. All humans that were incapable of doing work and helping the country? Deemed wastes of money and slaughtered... all using my weapons... My weapons! He isn't truly helping, he's making it seem like he is while he gets to sit back and enjoy getting anything and everything he wants... I have continued to sit by and watch as my weapons were used to aid Klamath... Now he demands that I start providing for him without pay... This is it. I'm done. I'm going to make a stand. I am going to start a rebellion, fighting to restore the old America. To kill Klamath. And this time, it's not some trick, some simulation, this time, it's real...

Call of Duty: Insane Ops
Game Modes MissionsSurvival
Playable Characters Richard KeatsMichael NavarroChristopher NooringDaniel Orien
Other Characters
Missions Help Wanted
Enemies American Heavy Trooper
Weapons LEH-1LEH-2
Achievements Welcome Aboard!Make Your Stand
Cut Content
Miscellaneous Keats' FirearmsSan Kan CityOpening Cutscene