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This is a bit of a unique Wiki, so new-comers must read this: What is This Wiki?

Important Pages

  • What is This Wiki? - Information on what this wiki is and why it is plus and not fanon.
  • Survival Plus - The Special Version of Survival Mode made for an easy way to make your own Survival Mode scenarios!
  • Creations for Free Use - This is a list of fanon things like perks, weapons, enemies, etc. that the creator has given permission for all to use in their creations without having to ask for permission.
  • Contact Magma-Man - Go to my talk page.

Quote of the Month

"It doesn't take the most powerful nations in the world to start the next worldwide conflict. Just the will, of a single man."

Featured Creation

Zombie Survival Mode is what happens when you take Nazi Zombies, Spec Ops, and combine them!


What Do You Want To Be Featured!?

Have suggestions for the next featured article! Feel free to tell me! Yes, you can suggest your own article, but only if you really believe it to worth featured status! Please note that if it is based off of something from another game, it won't qualify as a featured creation, since you didn't exactly come up with it yourself.

If you are in the wrong place...

You may be looking for the Call of Duty Wiki, which has no fan created content but also has information on everything to do with Call of Duty, not just Spec Ops.

You might also be looking for Nazi Zombies Plus, which is basically the same thing as this wiki except it is about the similar and yet completly different game mode, Zombies.

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What is your favorite Assault Rifle for Survival Mode?

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