"It's not a Keats' Firearms weapon, and yet it is useful! Is this even possible!?"
―Richard Keats
Richard Keats
Vital statistics
Age 27
Gender Male
Creator Magma-Man
Creation Date 2/23/11
First Appearance Lockdown
Status Alive
Richard Keats is the owner of Keats' Firearms. He is a rich and powerful man, but that money won't do him much against the undead monstrosities he's had to face. He is one of the three primary protagonists of Magma-Man's storyline, Lies, and is also one of the primary protagonists of the fanon Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Insane Ops.


Richard Keats founded Keats' Firearms in 2032. The company quickly became the best weapon manufacturing company, creating weapons for both the U.S. Military and for personal use, including it's most iconic weapon, the LEH-1, or Lead Energy Hybrid - Mark I. Once the zombie outbreak, reached Keats' Firearms headquarters in San Kan City, Keats and two of his employees, Shayla Cohen and Michael Navarro escaped in a car, and picked up a civilian along the way. Then Keats, who was driving the vehicle, crashed into a building, which then went into security lockdown, trapping the four inside, and letting other (namely zombies) get in.


Keats is a generally kind man, but not the most kind guy in the world. He is very demanding and will get greatly angered if a job he wants done does not get done. He also always takes charge.

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Call of Duty: Insane Ops
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