Survival Mode is a game mode found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized and in Special Ops of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: MobilizedEdit

Survival Mode was originated from the Nintendo DS version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is exclusive to single player and cannot be played in Co-op. It has four maps:

  • Withstand takes place in a bombed apartment building in Russia. There is multiple debris around the map for the player to take cover.
  • Persistence takes place in a military hangar in South America. There are multiple supply cases for the player to take cover behind.
  • Outlast takes place in a courtyard in South America. Debris, cars, and other destroyed objects can be used for cover by the player.
  • Endure takes place in a war-torn Middle Eastern town. There is much debris around the map, which can be used for cover.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Edit

Surivival Mode is one of the two gametypes found in Special Ops, with the other being Mission Mode. In Survival Mode, players will defend themselves against increasingly difficult waves of varying enemies, whether they are regular soldiers, juggernauts, etc. Unlike in Modern Warfare: Mobilized, Survival Mode in Modern Warfare 3 can be played online and split screen. Along with that, there are more features to make the game type interesting.

Ranking SystemEdit

Like multiplayer, Survival Mode features its own progressive ranking system, which will limit players to a number of certain things until they reach a specific level.


  • Light troops armed with the Model 1887
  • Medium troops armed with the MP5
  • Medium-Heavy troops armed with the AK-47
  • Heavy troops armed with the ACR 6.8
  • Suicide Bombers strapped in C4, armed with the MP5 or Model 1887
  • Dogs
  • Suicide Dogs strapped in C4
  • Chemical troops armed with an MP5 and have bags filled with chemicals
  • Juggernauts armed with the PKP Pecheng
  • Recon Juggernaut armed with an AK-47 and Riot Shield


Survival Mode uses the multiplayer maps.

Weapons ArmoryEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

All Assault Rifles cost $3000

  • M4A1 unlocked by default.
  • M16A4 unlocked by default. Starting weapon on Tier 4 maps.
  • SCAR-L unlocked at level 5.
  • ACR 6.8 unlocked at level 14.
  • AK-47 unlocked at level 24.
  • FAD unlocked at level 32
  • G36C unlocked at level 39
  • CM901 unlocked at level 43
  • MK14 unlocked at level 47
  • Type 95 unlocked at level 50

Sub-Machine GunsEdit

All Sub-Machine Guns cost $2000

  • MP5 unlocked by default.
  • UMP45 unlocked at level 4
  • MP7 unlocked at level 13
  • PM-9 unlocked at level 23
  • PP90M1 unlocked at level 38
  • P90 unlocked at level 46

Light Machine GunsEdit

All Light Machine Guns cost $7000


  • Model 1887 for $2000, unlocked by default.
  • USAS-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 6.
  • SPAS-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 16
  • KSG-12 for $2000, unlocked at level 26
  • Striker for $4000, unlocked at level 33
  • AA-12 for $5000, unlocked at level 44

Sniper RiflesEdit

All Sniper Rifles cost $2000


All Handguns cost $250

  • Five seven unlocked by default. starting weapon on tier 1 maps.
  • USP. 45 unlocked by default. starting weapon on tier 2 maps.
  • MP412 unlocked at level 2, starting weapon on tier 3 maps
  • Desert Eagle unlocked at level 11
  • .44 Magnum unlocked at level 20
  • P99 unlocked at level 40

Machine PistolsEdit

All Machine Pistols cost $1500

  • G18, unlocked by default
  • Skorpion, unlocked at lvl 3
  • MP9, unlocked at lvl 17
  • FMG9, unlocked at lvl 37





Equipment ArmoryEdit

Air Support ArmoryEdit