Survival Plus is the primary version of Survival Mode to be used for fanon on Spec Ops Plus. It is made with the intent on helping users out on creating their own fanon Survival Mode scenarios.


Survival Plus was made to be changed. Here are the specifications to help you get started making your own Survival Mode scenerio!

  • Maps - First of all, in Survival Mode Plus, instead of using MW3 multiplayer maps, it uses completly new maps made for Survival Mode, allowing Survival creators the freedom of map creation.
  • Weapons, Equipment, Air Suppourt, etc. - Each map for Survival Plus can have it's own unique set of weapon stations, equipment stations, air suppourt stations, or stations of your own design, which you can change however you want. This is similar to designing weapon sets and utilities for custom Zombie maps on NZP
  • Enemies - Each Survival Plus map has it's own set of enemies, and you can also choose which ones come at earlier or later rounds. (Please don't put info on each enemy on your map page, make articles for the enemies)
  • Ranks - All Survival Plus maps are linked together in their own ranking system, seperate from the other game modes. You may want to list what rank you want the player to be to unlock your map, and keep these in mind when making the armories.
  • Special Features/Utilities - Like zombies, you can add in unique features/utilities to each map to fit what you want it to be like. Be creative!

And there you have it! Be sure to add all maps made in Survival Plus mode to the Survival Plus category!