"Clear all the enemy targets as fast as possible. Shooting civilians will prevent you from getting three stars."
―Level Desciption

The Pit is one of the Special Ops missions from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to clear all enemy targets, while avoiding all civilians, and get to the end while being timed.


The level takes place in a training area with both stationary and moving enemy and civilian targets popping up. The player begins the level with a M4A1 and a USP .45 (the player can however change weapons before starting the mission), and is tasked with getting through the level as fast as possible. There are 24 enemy targets to take out and 5 civilian targets to avoid.

Infinity Ward's best time on The Pit is 22.6 seconds.


  • 1 Star - Reaching the end of the course without shooting a civilian.
  • 2 Stars - Complete in 45 seconds or less.
  • 3 Stars - Complete in 35 seconds or less.


Starting LoadoutEdit

Initial AreaEdit

Additional WeaponsEdit

  • None


  • Infinity Ward previously mentioned that one star would be awarded for completing a Special Ops mission on Regular, two stars for completing it on Hardened, and three stars for completing it on Veteran; however, this is untrue for this level, as there are no difficulty options available for it. Instead, the player's speed is the primary factor for the number of stars the player earns, with the 3-star award requiring no civilian hits.
  • The player will not receive the Pit Boss achievement/trophy if they complete this Op in under 30 seconds, it must be done in Modern Warfare 2's campaign.